Over Indonesia: Mushroom VR Revolutionizes Media Production for Flying Theaters


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How do you capture extraordinary footage, in the most challenging environment, with complete confidence that it will be perfect when projected on a curved screen four stories high?

That was the challenge for the Super 78 production team shooting Flying Over Indonesia (FOI), a flying theater attraction in development for a major park operator in Asia.   FOI will use a Dynamic Attractions ride vehicle and is scheduled to launch in 2019. Throughout the production process, the Super 78 team and the client made use of Mushroom VR, the collaborative review and approval platform that allows anyone, anywhere, to pre-visualise attractions before they are built.


« Our crew was shooting in some of the most remote and spectacular locations on earth, » stated Brent Young, President and Creative Director of Super 78.  «  Whether we were in the highlands of Mt. Bromo or were at Prambanan Temple with 300 costumed extras and eight elephants, we had to know whether we got the shot. Using Mushroom VR, we could pull the card out of the camera, put the headset on and watch the footage, virtually, in the theater where it will be projected."

« With Mushroom VR we can fix it on set, » said Paul Washburn, Head of Production at Super 78.  « There is simply no better tool for visualizing media in attractions.  Mushroom VR is the most efficient way to ensure we are creating compelling, high-quality, guest experiences that work within the engineering and integration constraints. « 


« Mushroom VR allows you to communicate visually—which cuts through cultural and linguistic barriers.  Our production crew from Hollywood was able to communicate our project to local officials and village elders so they could understand what we were doing—which is to show off Indonesia and some of the most spectacular places on earth. » 

Super 78 also used Mushroom VR to communicate from the field with the client and the post production team in Hollywood—to broadly improve all aspects of the production process.

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