Multi-user synchronization, from any location

Guangzhou. Munich. Jakarta. Bucharest. Des Moines. It doesn't matter where your project team members are located – Mushroom VR™ brings them all together in the same virtual space, at the same time. That's how work gets done efficiently. And it's more fun that way, too.


Accurate 4K stereo playback of media

Whether it's in 2D or 3D, Mushroom VR™ users can watch all projected media with the ability to pause, rewind and fast-forward at any time. And that media is precisely mapped on whatever screen geometry is required: flat, torus, domed, even synchronized across multiple screens.


Individual laser pointer tracked to each user's sightline

"You see that thing up there, next to the big leaf on the second branch of the little tree on the right? That yellow thing?" Mushroom VR™ brings a pixel-level precision to the review process by equipping each user with a virtual laser pointer tracked to his or her sightline. Just look at it and press the laser pointer button: "THAT thing."


Screen shot control per user

A photographic memory is amazing. It's too bad almost all of us don't have one. Most certainly, you shouldn't need one when using a truly capable review tool. That's why Mushroom VR™ allows you to take a POV screen shot at any time during the review process, and export a jpg in seconds.